Regional Workshop

A regional workshop dedicated to volunteer management took place on October 17. It was conducted by an International Expert in the field and representatives of Danish Red Cross. In the event participated also the project partners and representatives of General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations in the Republic of Moldova.

The purpose of the workshop was to bring into discussions the further research results on volunteer management in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus, and to exchange good practices on volunteer management. Participants also tried to identify possibilities to implement the new approaches discussed into the existing training curricula.

Another point on the workshop agenda that involved actively all the participants was related to the planning of the further trainings at national level, preparation of materials and discussions about the organization of national workshops, one per each of the three countries: Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, taking into consideration their specific situation.

The Countries will further provide to organize in details the workshops internally, according to the needs they will have identified previously, will update curricula and will modify the ToT for the volunteer management.

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