Training “Working with mass media, social media and video”

It is said that If “you’re looking to slay the digital marketing dragon; you’re going to need social media as one of your weapons”. In this context on 28th and 29th of October 2018, ProVoice project partners (Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine) participated in a regional training entitled “Working with mass media, social media and video”, training that had as objective to identify the ways and tools of communication used in participant countries; to assess the capacity of the beneficiary countries in communication field; to improve the knowledge of participants in work with social media, media and video and to provide effective communication  working with social media, media and video within the project.

10 participants from Belarus Red Cross, Ukraine Red Cross and EcoContact Moldova took part at the training, each country contributing with own specific techniques in promoting events and projects to public through different media channels, radio, TV etc.

The projects or organization do not have budgeted amounts for social media article boosts, but actually it’s seemed to be only way in the future to promote and get closer to the citizens’ main achievements and events of the implemented projects.

Later on, the participants will share all the gained knowledge with their colleagues and will try to find the best solutions and methods that can be applied to each organization in particular.

Promoting volunteering through social media channels could be an effective way to gather all key citizens as this is considered at the moment as the one of the faster method of approach.

There are many things to learn about social media. This is just a small fraction. Though there’s lots of information to digest, it’s always useful, interesting, and far from boring to apply and discover new methods in daily activity.

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