Capacity building in response to emergencies

On the 19th – 20th of December 2018, the workshop “Volunteer Management and Its Role in Emergency Response” was held in Kyiv. It was conducted within the project “Promoting the role of volunteers and the population in Civil Protection (ProVoice)”. The purpose of the event was to work on the concept of training on volunteer management, including volunteer management during emergencies. The event was attended by URCS volunteers and staff, representatives of partner organizations (Volunteer Firefighters, Motohelp) and the Danish Red Cross.

The future training will be aimed at volunteer leaders in order to provide them basic tools and knowledge on managing volunteers in emergency response. The participants created a draft of the training’s agenda after presentations of the practical experience of URCS and partners in emergency responce.

In times of more frequent and long-term disasters and crises, the ProVoice project aims at strengthening the cooperation between partner countries in the field of volunteer

management, spontaneous volunteers and population awareness in disaster preparedness.

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