Belarus Volunteer management workshop

On January 25, 2019 a volunteer management workshop took place in Minsk in the context of the project “Promoting the role of volunteers and the population in Civil Protection” (ProVoice). The meeting aimed at specification of the training module objects as well as the way it is going to be implemented in the field of volunteer management based on the knowledge of Volunteer Resources Management in the field of disaster preparedness and response. The workshop participants, and those are staff members of BRCS regional branches as well as BRCS HQ staff, gained knowledge on volunteer resources management.

The workshop resulted in a number of suggestions on several components of the training module in the field of volunteer resources management. The participants agreed upon the structure of the training module on volunteer management for the leaders of DM response teams pointing out three main parts:

– Before disaster (preparedness)
The role of volunteers, their recruiting and guidance. Issues on volunteers training and supervision. Coordination with other partner agencies before disaster.
Evaluation and planning of volunteer management in times of disaster: a concept of safer access, understanding of legal issues in connection with volunteering, insurance for volunteers.

– Volunteer management in times of disaster
Situation assessment and development of emergency response plan. Budgeting. Guidance and support to volunteers. Technical equipment for volunteers required
to accomplish their mission. Psychosocial support to volunteers.

– Volunteer management after disaster
Recognition of volunteers’ contribution to the common goal, appreciation. Debriefing, valuable insights. Psychosocial support in case of need.
On the basis of the suggested messages the final project of the training module on volunteer management will be prepared taking into account its specification in disaster preparedness and response. The module will include volunteer management before, in times of and after disaster.

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