A new volunteer-rescuers fire station has been opened in the village of Lozova

The official ceremony of the Station inauguration was celebrated on May 22, c.y. in the village of Lozova of Straseni District. The Station was opened with the support of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The dotation of the new fire station is due to the initiative of the local public authorities and the partnership between the Polish Aid and the ProVoice project, carried out by the Public Association EcoContact.

The event hosted many guests, among them LPAs representatives, His Excellence, the Ambassador of the Polish Republic in Moldova, Mr. Bartłomej Zdaniuk, the GIES administration, in the person of Mr. Anatol Viniciuc, Civil Society representatives and the local population.

The officials spoke about the importance of the opening of such a station, which is to be considered as a primary force in case of emergency situations for the 15000 inhabitants in the villages of Stejereni, Dolna, Lozova, Vorniceni, Micleușeni and Huzum.

In this context, the Mayer of Lozova mentioned that „the Service itself, to be functional needs inhabitant’s support, dedication and civic devotion”, inviting the population to stop burning meadows and lands, which are unjustified practices and can cause real disasters. 

The EcoContact Project Manager, Natalia Guranda also addressed to the public, inviting the population to contribute themselves to the further Station functionality, by becoming volunteers and benefit from adequate training, in order to be skilled enough to provide correctly the first aid, when needed, until the specialized teams of rescuers would have come.

Within the Station will be operative 9 firefighters-volunteers, who will intervene in various risk situation. In the occasion, a “Tatra” model car was donated by the polish rescuers to their Moldovan colleagues. In their turn, the GIES employees will provide methodic and technical support to firefighters in order to be able to intervene promptly and with the best skills.

According to the GIES, this is the 48th Fire Station opened in the Country.

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