“ProVoice” partners visited Ukraine

On the 13 th of September, in Kyiv, representatives of the National Committee of Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) welcomed partners from Belarus, Moldova and Bulgaria, who, as the URCS, are the participants of the project “Promoting the role of volunteers and the population in Civil Protection (ProVoice)».

All the partners shared their experience of activities of their organizations and the best practices that are being used to improve their work. The partners also spoke about the importance of enhancing the capacity of volunteers to prepare for emergencies and raising public awareness in emergency response.

On 14 th of September, delegates took part in the event organized by the URCS “Red Cross Safety Fest” to study Ukrainian experience in working with the public in cooperation with civil protection authorities.

The delegation’s visit was intended to strengthen regional cooperation between these countries in the field of civil protection.

The general objective of the ProVoice project is to contribute to strengthening the cooperation between neighborhood countries and UCPM countries in the field of volunteer management, spontaneous volunteers and population awareness in disaster preparedness.

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