Red Cross Safety Fest was held in Zaporizhzhya city, Ukraine

On the 14 th of September, on the World First Aid Day and on the eve of the Day of the Ukrainian Rescuer, the “Safety Festival” was held in Zaporizhzhya city. This event aimed to raise the awareness of local population on emergency response.

Guests of the festival, both adults and children, learn how to prepare for an emergency and how to act in the case of a fire, in a situation of domestic gas leakage and even its explosion. Attention was also focused on road safety (first aid in case of a car accident) and mine risk education. Guests had an opportunity to gain hands-on skills during short workshops from event organizers. Children were interested by different surprises, quests, games and demonstrations.

The SES of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya region, the Patrol Police in Zaporizhzhya region of the National Police of Ukraine, Zaporizhgaz Private Joint Stock Company, Zaporizhzhya Regional Charitable Foundation “Smile of the Child” and Zaporizhzhya regional branch of Ukrainian Red Cross Society was the participants of the Festival. Staff and volunteers of the Red Cross, including the volunteers of Emergency Response Team, actively interacted with the guests of the event.

The Red Cross Safety Fest was held in framework of the project “Promoting the role of volunteers and the population in Civil Protection (ProVoice)». The general objective of the project is to contribute to strengthening the cooperation between neighborhood countries and UCPM countries in the field of volunteer management, spontaneous volunteers and population awareness in disaster preparedness. The Festival was visited by the partners from Belarus, Moldova and Bulgaria, who, as the URCS, are the participants of the ProVoice project.

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