Help yourself and others: the representatives of the Red Cross and the Ministry of Emergency Situations has taught how to act in an emergency

Which emergencies are most common at the territory of the Ostrovets district, what should people do and how act finding themselves in an emergency situation –  these are the questions which were discussed at the meeting the Red Cross and the Ministry of Emergencies with the population.

The exercises have taken place within the framework of the “One day of security” action (regional level) and have become one of the stages of the international project “Promoting the role of volunteers and the population in civil protection”. The residents of the agro-towns of Vornyany, Gervyaty and Mikhalishki, as well as the Red Cross volunteers from Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, and Moldova have taken part in the action.

The aim was to discus the local accidents that can take place in these agro-towns or in neighbor. Most of the participants suggested that the greatest problem is fires (someone can smoke grass on the fields, or a drunk man has caused the fire). The other problems are stormy winds (one has taken place last yeas) and draining wells in some villages

These examples show that an emergency is not something abstract, but something that can happen anywhere and affect anyone. Of course, in such cases, special services will come to the rescue people, but we ourselves should also take care of ourselves and those who are around us.

Different modern technologies allow to warn about danger and give the instructions what to do. or example, this is how the mobile application “EMERCOM of Belarus: Help is Near” and the accounts of EMERCOM of Belarus in Vaiber and Telegramwork. But what should people do after they receive an SMS alert about a threat?

The members of the meeting said that they will take documents, some food, water, clothes and medicine. They will help elder people and children. And, of course, no panic! Everything that we were taught at school.

– Sure, we all know what to do, but in such situation we can forget something in a hurry, – said one of the training members.

The representatives of the Bulgarian Red Cross told the training members that every family in their country has a special remember list with the plan of what to take and emergency phone. 

After the discussions there was a practical part with simulated events. For example, Vornyan residents have learned how to deal with the consequences of a powerful storm: they were divided into groups – authority, the Ministry of Emergencies, Health care and Education – they decided what should be done in the first hour after the incident, what to do during the first day and a month after the accident.

The organizers also conducted training sessions on providing the first aid to the injured, talked about psychological help and presented volunteer organizations and the mobile application “EMERCOM of Belarus: Help is near”.

In an emergency, phones may not work, so mark a place where you can meet with your family.

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